1991 Geo Metro


      The gasoline engine was removed and the car was fitted with a 20 hp electric forklift motor. We were able to drive the car down the street at 15 mph using a 48-volt battery pack. The voltage is simply not enough for an electric car. In order to up the voltage, we will also need to get a new motor that can handle the higher voltage. It would be good to reinstall the clutch on this vehicle as well so that there can be a reliable disconnect. We are currently awaiting funding for this project.

Geo Metro Conversion Kit $2995

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Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Many agree that the Trojan Brand battery is the "Cadillac" of deep-cycle batteries. The T-875 is an 8-volt battery. This car has six of these batteries and they are connected in series to provide 48 volts of power. Trojan batteries are sold in Fort Gratiot at Rhino Linings (across from Best Buy). The T-875 sells for $139 each (as of April 2008).

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