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Flxible Starliner Photo Archive (external website)

Includes a subtantial Archive of Vintage Flxible Advertisements



The goal of this website is to come up with at least one photo of
every Flxiliner ever built. If you have factory photos or other vintage photos
tucked away in your closet, please get them out before your children throw them away.

We are also interested in recent photos of any Flxiliner.
If it is a Flxiliner, please scan it and send it. Even if you don't know the origin, just scan it and send it.
If you can help, please send a message to:



Only 157 Flxiliners were ever built. Production took place in Loudonville, Ohio from 1964 to 1969 with production numbers from #10666 to #10822.

Multiple pictures are available for some. Click on the photo to see if there are more.


Full Production List (transcribed)

Full Production List (scanned originals)

Flxiliner Advertisements

Flxiliner Details (factory specifications)

Dina Olimpico Comparison (Flxiliner clone built in Mexico)

Torsion Bar Installation (with vintage assembly line photos)

Custom Coach Flxiliner Brochure