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Flxible production number 10714

Built in 1964 for Alliance Machine Co.
of Alliance, Ohio

Converted new by Custom Coach Corporation of Columbus, Ohio

Photo taken in Huntington, Indiana in 1980

Photo above (close-up below): This is also Flxible #10714 with a different paint job. The photo was taken at the Adamson-Alliance facility in England in the 1960's. The coach was owned by Merrick Lewis.

Photo above: Marketing photo taken by Custom Coach Corporation in 1964 inside Flxible #10714.

Photo above: Quartzite Flxible Rally in 1997. Flxible #10675 on the left (Jan & Patti Blankenship). Flxible #10714 on the right.

The brochure shown above was produced in the late-1990's when Custom Coach Corporation owned the bus once again. The #978 refers to the Custom Coach number (it should say #976).

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