- There are no Exams or Quizzes in this course. YAY!

- Watch the Lecture Videos and Documentaries (this amounts to less than 10 hours)

- Complete the Reading Assignments (a very reasonable amount of reading)

- Participate in the Discussion Board (see details in Canvas) - 25 points

- Summarize a Journal Article: 25 points - This article needs to be selected and sent by 9/24/22. The article then needs to be summarized by 10/2/22. Click Here for more details.

- Satellite Search: 10 points - Google a website that discusses an earth-observing satellite that you think is not familiar to most people. The following features are fairly common subjects when observing the earth and you should try to find something different:


Try to find a satellite that observes something different from the features listed above. You could also look for a website that discusses a future earth-observing satellite that doesn't exist yet (future technology). Submit this link via e-mail anytime between 9/19/22 and 9/26/22. Include the topic or title in your e-mail message as well as the link. The subject line should read:

      GEO 176 ASSIGNMENT #1


- Satellite Search: 10 points - Do the same thing as Assignment #1, but don't do your search until 9/26/22. The things you will be learning in the first week will likely affect the way that you search this topic. Come up with something and submit via e-mail anytime between 9/26/22 and 10/3/22. Include the topic or title in your e-mail as well as the link. The subject line should read:

      GEO 176 ASSIGNMENT #2


- Final Paper: 50 points - Please write a paper that describes everything covered in this course. This should be in your own words and the grammar/punctuation should be appropriate for a college paper. You can include your own reactions to certain features of the course or certain topics covered. You can include personal experiences if they relate to anything in the course. You can include any discussions topics that took place in the class. You don't have to include all of the above, but this paper should basically be a summary of what the class was about. Maybe you could pretend that you are telling a friend about the course and write what you would tell them. Your paper doesn't have to discuss every detail, but it should not be a simple list either. Use full sentences and I am fairly wide open on how you go about writing this paper. As long as it gives a good summary of the course, then it should be good. The paper should be at least 5 pages double-spaced (this is about 1250 words total). It should be typed and submitted as a PDF file. If you are having trouble filling five pages, then you need to rethink how you are writing the paper or else contact me. Submit this paper to me via e-mail by the end of 10/7/22 ( Only PDF files will be accepted. If you don't know how to create a PDF file, ask me (or Google it). It's easy!


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