Helpful Hints

Please send me the link to a current journal article (peer-reviewed) that deals with viewing the Earth from space. Feel free to use the SC4 Library eSearch page and enter one of the following search terms. If you are interested in a related topic that is not shown here, please let me know:

      remote sensing
      aerial imaging
      infrared imaging
      ultraviolet imaging
      water vapor imaging
      coastal imaging
      Great Lakes imaging
      GOES Satellite
      wildfire imaging
      volcano remote sensing

You will need to narrow your search to include only peer-reviewed journal articles otherwise you will get newspaper articles, books, magazine articles, etc. Go to the Helpful Hints for instructions on how to do this.

The date of the article should be within the last 60 days when you submit it. Finding an article within this time-frame is actually quite easy when you use the Helpful Hints.

A peer-reviewed article is one that has been read by other professionals in the field (peers) prior to being published. These articles generally cover original research-- particular features or relationships or techniques in science that have never been studied before.

A scientific peer-reviewed article is set up like a science fair project. They tell you how they will be doing the research, what they expect to find, what methods they will use and then they discuss the results. This is how the field of science works. If someone does scientific research and they don't publish it in a peer-reviewed journal, then it doesn't count- it doesn't become part of the scientific record.

Do not send the following:

      newspaper articles
      magazine articles
      book reviews
      news articles about scientific research

After I have received the link to a peer-reviewed journal article via e-mail, I will send a message back to you within 24 hours saying that the article does or does not qualify. Once you have sent a bonafide journal article, you will need to do the following by the end of Sunday 10/2/22:

Write five sentences about your article (in your own words) and submit these five sentences to me via e-mail. Here's the catch - each sentence is limited to 15 words or less. You need to capture the essence of the article in five sentences. If you need to skip words to do this, no worries - I won't be grading you on grammar. But it should be readable and not just a list of keywords. And don't quote the article. This needs to be your own writing. Be sure to include the location of the research, their methods and techniques, their results and their conclusions.

This assignment is worth 25 points. Following all of the instructions below will help you get all 25 points.

The SC4 library website will help you.

When submitting your article, you will need to send me (via e-mail):

      the full article title
      the journal title
      the date of publication
      the link to the article

      Please, no attachments.

You will need to send me the source via e-mail ( Please do not send it through Canvas. Also, please do not e-mail the article from the article website. Go into your own e-mail account to send it (from your SC4 e-mail account). Your subject line should be:


Sorry to be so picky. I don't want to miss your e-mail.

It may take you an hour to find an article. It may take you an hour or two to write the five sentences. Be mentally prepared to take your time with this assignment. It won't happen quickly.

I think you should submit the article by the end of Saturday 9/24/22. This will allow you enough time to summarize it by 10/2/22.

I will always respond when you send me an article via e-mail. If 24 hours have passed and you have not received a response, then try it again or call me (810-989-5750).

Please let me know if you need help.

Helpful Hints