Viewing the Earth from Space
1 credit hour
Fall 2022

Instructor: Bob Hunckler

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GEO 176 is a 1-credit-hour course.

Class begins September 19, 2022 and ends on October 7, 2022

Catalog Description: GEO 176 Viewing the Earth from Space. Viewing the Earth from Space is designed for non-science majors. Air and space technology has revolutionized how humans have viewed the Earth. In this course, students will see amazing footage, hear firsthand accounts, and discover h ow air and space pioneers have dramatically altered how we study and understand our planet today. Human's collective philosophy of life can be (and has been) altered by views of the earth from space. This is home.

General Education Objectives - A college education implies, in part, the attainment of knowledge and skills in broad areas such as quantitative reasoning, communication, civic responsibility, and information literacy. This general education is included in every program, empowering our students to be productive citizens, successful employees, and lifelong learners.

Students are expected to follow all guidelines found in the SC4 Student Code of Conduct.