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VERY IMPORTANT - Please type your answers in RED on the assignment sheet above (PDF or Word).

There are valuable explanations and instructions on the assignment sheet. You will need to go back and forth from this webpage to the assignment sheet to make sure you are doing everything properly. Read it all! This will be the basic process for all Lab Exercises in this class. It will take your full attention.

There is no reason to get anything wrong on a Lab Exercise. Don't just guess at an answer. If you are confused, then send me an e-mail ( This is why I give you a week to complete the Lab Exercises. You should understand it all when you submit it and this will help you for the Quiz as well. I am happy to look over your answers in advance. Remember to give me at least 24 hours to respond.

Submit your completed assignment sheets through Canvas. To do this, log in to GEO 101 in Canvas and click on "Assignments" in the left hand column. It should be fairly simple to submit, but if this is your first Canvas experience, you might have trouble. Please let me know if you have questions.

Start by watching the following video.
This video is part of the lecture,
so you may have already seen it.
The video explains some basic concepts
that are necessary for understanding
this lab assignment.
Click Here to Watch.

NOAA Solar Position Calculator

View Earth from the Sun
Identifies Declination of the Sun
and the Subsolar Point


Extra links for browsing are below (all optional).

Precise Sunrise/Sunset Times for SC4
(42.9789 N, 82.4281 W)

View Earth from the Sun

Earth-Sun Lab Exercise (Word document)