A. Open your Google Slides presentation and make sure you are in the edit mode (with the thumbnail slides showing in the left hand column). Also, make sure that you have clicked on the very first slide in the presentation because this will make a difference when I open it up.

B. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see a yellow "SHARE button. Click on that and it should bring up the following text box:

C. In the lower part of this text box, click on the blue link as shown below:

D. Then copy the link and click "Done".

E. E-mail me that new link. It might be the same identical link as before, but your e-mail will let me know that you have completed this task. All of your revisions will show up with the same initial link. You just need to let me know that the revisions are complete. Again, include the link to your presentation in all e-mail correspondence regarding this project. It just saves time.